Floating or Bouyant Rope

Novatec Ropes in this category have a specific gravity of less than (1). They are constructed with blends or combinations of polypropylene or polyolefin fibers. Floating ropes include cork lines for commercial fishing nets or barrier nets, tow lines, mooring pennants, performance sailing sheets, and water rescue throw lines. Ropes can be constructed with controlled buoyancy to float at predetermined depth.

Products for this performance:

Novalite - NOVA LITE is a double braided construction of multifilament polypropylene in both core and cover. Novatec’s unique process provides for a stronger, lighter line that is easy to handle with no water absorption.

Novalite HP - NOVALITE HIGH PERFORMANCE is a double braided rope constructed with a multi-filament polypropylene (MFP) cover and a blend of Spectra and MFP in the core.

Oletec 12 - OLETEC-12™ is a hollow braided 12 strand rope using 100% polyolefin high tenacity co-polymer fiber. It is designed with single or two ply construction depending upon nominal size. The rope also has excellent fall protection lifeline capabilities as it exceeds strength requirements of the ANSI Z 359-07 fall protection standard. Fall protection rope grabs work very effectively with the construction and design of the rope to ensure good activation and response to falls when properly connected. The rope also is relatively light and is very flexible which is beneficial for use aloft and when securing.

Purse Seine Corkline -

Pendants - Novabraid Pendants (or pennants) are hand fabricated from Novablue polyester, Novagold nylon or floating Oletec-12 strand polyolefin per customer specification. Programs can be developed for mooring service companies to address local conditions, ordinances and product identification.

Norpac Corkline -

Norpac Gillnet Cork HT -

Weed line - Novabraid Weedline is constructed with UV stabilized polypropylene monofilament. Wrapped around a net rope it minimizes abrasion to the protected lines.

Gill Net Corkline - High Tensile Strength, Low Elongation, Abrasion Resistant, Excellent Grippage, Flexibility.

Polyfoam Floatline - POLYFOAM FLOATLINE is constructed with a closed cell polyfoam core overbraided with UV stabilized alternating green and black strands of high tensile monofilament Polypropylene.

Herring Corkline - Novabraid HERRING CORKLINE is a strong, light weight, floating rope constructed with a parallel stranded core and a braided cover of 100% UV stabilized mono-filament polypropylene.

MFP Float Line - Our float line is constructed with UV stabilized multifilament polypropylene yarns in a variety of colors. These ropes can be used in high visibility net or rigging applications where light weight and energy absorption are required.

Water Rescue -

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