Novatec Wins Employer of Choice Award

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Employer Among Winners of the 2023 Boating Industry Canada Employer of Choice (BICEOC) Awards.


January 24, 2023 Toronto, Ontario – CCEOC Inc. and Boating Industry Canada News Week Digest are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Boating Industry Canada Employer of Choice (BICEOC) Awards and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia’s own, Novatec Braids Ltd. is Atlantic Canada’s only winner!


This national award program recognizes and promotes the best employers in the Canadian boating industry, and in two categories:  Dealers & Marinas and Marine Business – Manufacturers and Suppliers, Service Providers, Retailers, & Distributors.  Participants are scored on two criteria:  Employee Commitment Survey results and Company Profile.


“I’m very excited for these companies,” said Jeff Doran, president of CCEOC Inc., a leader in employer of choice initiatives and corporate culture development, “With the ongoing challenges of managing through the pandemic, these companies have continued to show resiliency and demonstrate how important their people are to the success of the business. They have worked hard to create world class cultures and preferred employer brands.”


“The universal challenge facing our marine industry and in fact, industries around the world, is a shortage of labour. We are enthusiastic supporters of the Employer of Choice program as an excellent way to attract and retain the people we need to succeed,” stated Andy Adams, Boating Industry Canada Editor.

Breakaway Link Installation Video

As measures to reduce entanglements of whales in commercial fishing gear are implemented, our team at Novabraid has made available breakaway links that can be installed in existing vertical lobster and crab trap lines to allow for reduced strength rope regulation compliance

Novabraid Breakaway Link Found Effective in Whale Entanglement Studies

Novabraid SSL 2.0 Breakaway Link was found to have superior performance to other low break strength rope alternatives by a team of scientists and lobster fishermen headed by marine scientist Amy Knowlton of the New England Aquarium and the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life as part of a larger study conducted to create protection for the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale. After months of rigorous testing on the water and in the laboratory, the Novabraid SSL 2.0 consistently worked as designed to help reduce the damage caused by vertical ropes used in lobster fishing when encountered by a larger marine mammal.  Based upon a constrictor design, similar to that in a toy finger trap, the breakaway link is inserted at intervals in the vertical line of a trawl of lobster traps, enabling a whale or other large creature to break free if entangled in the fishing line, thus reducing the likelihood of injury or death to the animal.  The links have a lighter breaking strength than the heavy duty 3 strand ropes used for hauling lobster pots, but still carry sufficient strength and durability to allow the fishermen to protect their gear with a low cost of implementation of the breakaway links.

Further studies and discussion by the Whale Bycatch Reduction Team and other agencies are scheduled to follow with other topics ranging from fisheries closures to rope-less fishing options.


Novabraid Launches New Responsive Website

Novabraid proudly invites visitors to explore their newly launched website which has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience. With intuitive navigation and streamlined functionality throughout, the new website allows easy access to detailed product information, services, and helpful resources.

Novabraid, located in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, is thrilled to announce the launch of their new streamlined website. The company, which specializes in the manufacturing of high quality performance rope and cordage, expects that the new site will help to elevate their online presence and help them reach and better serve their clients.

The fresh new website offers easy access to the company’s extensive product line of rope, including customized solutions for specific applications. Novabraid collaborated with Page One Web Solutions, a web design and marketing firm located in Portland, Maine, for the redesign of the website. The updated and innovative design has improved the site’s functionality as well as the overall user experience, allowing Novabraid to help visitors understand the complete range of products and their applications, as well as detailed technical information about various rope construction and materials.

Built with an emphasis on user experience, the eye-catching and dynamic website has been designed using the latest technology, making the site responsive and compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices. “It has become more and more common that our B to B customers find us on their phones. Now it will be much easier for them to find what they need on the site, request information and contact us from any device!” says Novabraid owner, Neal Prescott. Prescott continued to express enthusiasm for the new website’s capabilities by saying, “We knew that having a good looking website was important, but we didn’t know until now how valuable an attractive and responsive website could be for both our company and our customers.”

The unmatched flexibility of a simple and responsive site allows Novabraid to do what they do best: manufacturing the most comprehensive line of rope products, while providing friendly customer service from their knowledgeable staff. The primary objective of the site is to provide easy access to product offerings and options for prospective clients, while supplying them with informative resources to help enhance their understanding of the products.

In business since 1992, Novabraid serves as an industry leader in the custom fabrication of rope products for use in industries like commercial fishing, military, power utility and more. They serve customers throughout Canada and North America, offering them a complete line of quality products and unmatched service.