Parallel Core Rope

Novatec Braids Ltd. uses parallel core constructions to maximize core yarn tensile strength conversion. These constructions have a generally stiffer hand and are not splicable.

Products for this Application:

Purse Seine Leadline
Purse Seine Leadline - Purse seine is constructed with multiple strands of crimped lead alloy within a braided polyester sleeve.
Duraflex™ Gillnet
Duraflex™ Gillnet - Duraflex™ gillnet is designed specifically for the unique demands of the North Atlantic fishery.
Norpacific Gillnet
Norpacific Gillnet - High Tenacity Polyester Core for Commercial Fishing Applications Our Norpacific gillnet is constructed with UV stabilized orange polypropylene and white spun polyester braided cover over a 100% high tenacity polyester parallel strand core.
Polyfoam Floatline
Polyfoam Floatline - Abrasion-Resistant High Tensile Rope Novabraid's Polyfoam floatline is constructed with a closed cell polyfoam core overbraided with UV stabilized alternating green and black strands of high tensile monofilament Polypropylene.
Herring Corkline
Herring Corkline - Herring corkline is a strong, light weight, floating rope constructed with a parallel stranded core and a braided cover of 100% UV stabilized monofilament polypropylene.
Utility Rope
Utility Rope - Our general purpose utility rope features a 100% multifilament, UV stabilized polypropylene braid with a parallel strand core.
Dinghy Braid
Dinghy Braid - Low Stretch and Easy Handling Designed for Dinghy Performance