Kernmantle Rope

The term ” Kernmantle” is derived from the German words kern (core) and mantle (cover). Any rope construction featuring a core and cover could be called kernmantle. Common life safety or fall arrest ropes feature a twisted parallel strand core surrounded by a braided cover. For dynamic ropes this stranded core is designed to maximize energy absorption. These ropes should be retired after a fall because the energy absorbing rope elongation is non-recoverable. Because of the parallel core these ropes cannot be terminated with spliced eyes.

Novatec Braids Ltd. manufactures static 48 carrier and 32 carrier style kernmantle rope. Novatec does not manufacture dynamic climbing ropes commonly used in mountaineering and fall arrest or “life safety” applications. Our static kernmantle constructions feature braided cores to allow for spliced terminations.

Factory spliced eye terminations are much stronger than knots or sewn eyes resulting in no loss of rope tensile strength.

Novabraid ropes are not designed for rappelling but are suitable for use as static safety lines. Users should consult with hardware manufacturers to confirm compatibility with their systems.

Products for this Application:

Starline - High Tenacity Polyester Construction Starline is a 100% high tenacity polyester rope designed to combine our most durable 32 carrier cover with a fully spliceable low stretch core.
Response Low Stretch Kernmantle
Response Low Stretch Kernmantle - Response Low Stretch Kernmantle Rope combines a robust abrasion resistant 48 carrier polyester cover with a braided Nylon core for a balanced torsion free rope for static descent, rescue and safety line.