Cut Resistant Rope

High Performance Spectra & Kevlar Rope

Novabraid ropes featuring Spectra and Kevlar fibers are extremely cut resistant. These are the same materials used in cut resistant gloves and body armor.

Products for this Application:

Polyspec - Ideal for Demanding Industrial Applications Novabraid's Polyspec is a double braided rope constructed with a 100% polyester cover and a 100% Spectra™ core.
Spectec 12
Spectec 12 - High Strength 100% Spectra™ Fiber Rope Spectec-12 is a hollow braided 12-strand rope using 100% Spectra™ fiber.
Sprint - Specta 900 Fiber Sailing Rope Sprint is a 12 strand single braid composite line constructed from a blend of Spectra™ 900 and polyester fibers.
NovaSet 12
NovaSet 12 - NovaSet 12 is Novabraid's ultra low stretch and high strength solution for demanding jobs.