Low Weight Rope

High Tensile Rope Fibers for Superior Performance

Novabraid’s low weight rope has our highest strength to weight ratios. Low weight rope constructions utilize high tensile fibers including Spectra and Dyneema with or without abrasion resistant covers or coatings. Low weight ropes can minimize weight aloft in construction, tower climbing, and performance sailing applications.

Products for this Application:

NovaLite - Versatile and Durable Marine Cordage NovaLite cordage features a double braided construction of multifilament polypropylene in both core and cover.
NovaLite HP
NovaLite HP - High Performance Spectra Rope NovaLite HP is a double braided Spectra™ rope constructed with a multi-filament polypropylene (MFP) cover and a blend of Spectra™ and MFP in the core.
Oletec-12 - 12 Strand Hollow Braid Rope Oletec-12 is a hollow braided 12 strand rope using 100% polyolefin high tenacity co-polymer fiber.
Polyspec - Ideal for Demanding Industrial Applications Novabraid's Polyspec is a double braided rope constructed with a 100% polyester cover and a 100% Spectra™ core.
Spectec 12
Spectec 12 - High Strength 100% Spectra™ Fiber Rope Spectec-12 is a hollow braided 12-strand rope using 100% Spectra™ fiber.
Blendtec - Dual Fiber Hollow Braided Rope Blendtec is a premium hollow braided multi-fiber rope featuring a 12 strand polyester/polyolefin dual fiber construction.
PV-12 Low Stretch Rope
PV-12 Low Stretch Rope - Superior Dieletric Performance Our PV-12 low stretch rope is easily spliced and features a hollow braid construction with excellent hand.