PV-12 Low Stretch Rope

Superior Dieletric Performance

Our PV-12 low stretch rope is easily spliced and features a hollow braid construction with excellent hand. It is designed primarily for fabrication of industrial slings and hand lines but has many other commercial and marine applications. Our balanced PV – 12 construction features high tenacity polyester veneered over polyolefin in each strand to provide volume with minimal weight. PV – 12 has excellent dielectric performance, will not rot or mildew, and is resistant to most fuels or chemicals. It is easily identified by its single red tracer.


  • Specific Gravity of 1.25
  • Easy Handling
  • High Strength
  • Easily Spliced
  • Low Weight
  • Low Stretch

Suggested Uses:

  • Hand Lines
  • Block Lines
  • Slings
PV-12 Low Stretch Rope Product Image

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PV-12 Low Stretch Rope Load to Elongation Graph