Architectural Rope

Low Stretch and Superior Weather Resistance

Novatec Braids Ltd. manufactures a variety of ropes used in architectural applications requiring low stretch, color patterns, spliced terminations, and excellent weather resistance. Some applications include tents, awnings, railings, safety nets, and light roof suspension. Architectural rope can be custom designed and fabricated for specific performance requirements.

Products for this Application:

Polyspec - Ideal for Demanding Industrial Applications Novabraid's Polyspec is a double braided rope constructed with a 100% polyester cover and a 100% Spectra™ core.
Nova Shock
Nova Shock - Premium Shock Cord with Outstanding Abrasion Resistance Nova Shock is our premium grade shock cord.
Spectec 12
Spectec 12 - High Strength 100% Spectra™ Fiber Rope Spectec-12 is a hollow braided 12-strand rope using 100% Spectra™ fiber.