Hollow Braid Rope

Novatec Braids Ltd. produces hollow braided constructions up to 2 3/4 in diameter using fibers including nylon, polyester, Spectra, polyolefin, and blends. These ropes are available in long lengths up to 10,000 continuous feet with no splices. Various color coded coatings and end terminations are available.

Products for this Application:

Nytec-12 - High Strength 100% Nylon Fiber Rope NYTEC-12 is a hollow braided 12-strand rope using 100% nylon yarn.
Oletec-12 - 12 Strand Hollow Braid Rope Oletec-12 is a hollow braided 12 strand rope using 100% polyolefin high tenacity co-polymer fiber.
Polytec-12 - High Strength 100% Polyester Fiber Rope POLYTEC-12 is a hollow braided 12-strand rope using 100% polyester yarn.
Spectec 12
Spectec 12 - High Strength 100% Spectra™ Fiber Rope Spectec-12 is a hollow braided 12-strand rope using 100% Spectra™ fiber.
Blendtec - Dual Fiber Hollow Braided Rope Blendtec is a premium hollow braided multi-fiber rope featuring a 12 strand polyester/polyolefin dual fiber construction.
Sprint - Specta 900 Fiber Sailing Rope Sprint is a 12 strand single braid composite line constructed from a blend of Spectra™ 900 and polyester fibers.
PV-12 Low Stretch Rope
PV-12 Low Stretch Rope - Superior Dieletric Performance Our PV-12 low stretch rope is easily spliced and features a hollow braid construction with excellent hand.
NovaSet 12
NovaSet 12 - NovaSet 12 is Novabraid's ultra low stretch and high strength solution for demanding jobs.