NovaSet 12

NovaSet 12 is Novabraid’s ultra low stretch and high strength solution for demanding jobs. Made from Pre- Stretched and Heat Set high tenacity UHMWPE fibers.  This creates a 12 strand hollow braided rope that’s light weight and easy to splice.  The heat set process removes virtually all molecular elongation or “Creep”.  Because it is stretched under heat and load, it can replace steel wire rope without the additional stretch  associated with fiber ropes. Additionally, NovaSet 12 is very lightweight and buoyant making for easy handling, resists twisting, and features a UV stable Urethane coating that resists abrasion.

  • Ultra Low Stretch
  • High Strength
  • Light Weight
  • Stronger than Steel


  • Novabraid's Strongest Rope
  • Easy to Spice (Class 2 Single Braid)
  • Grey UV Resistant Coating
  • Cut Resistant

Suggested Uses:

  • Winch Line
  • Performance Standing and Running Sailboat Rigging
  • Safety Fencing
  • Restraint Tethers
NovaSet 12 Product Image

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NovaSet 12 Load to Elongation Graph