Lead Ballast

Reliable Malleability for Any Application

Novatec Braids Ltd. extrudes 99% pure lead wire over a synthetic filament to produce crimped lead strands from 2.75 to 6.3 mm diameter. Lead ballast purity insures consistent malleability, profile and weight per fathom. Multiple lead core strands yield a more durable and flexible lead line. Novatec also manufactures lead crimp for ballast in buoys and oceanographic cable products. We also produce duck decoy weights and custom lead castings. For safe handling practices with products containing lead please refer to material from the Lead Industries Association.

Products for this Application:

Purse Seine Leadline
Purse Seine Leadline - Purse seine is constructed with multiple strands of crimped lead alloy within a braided polyester sleeve.
Duraflex™ Gillnet
Duraflex™ Gillnet - Duraflex™ gillnet is designed specifically for the unique demands of the North Atlantic fishery.
Fast Rope
Fast Rope - Available in Weighted or Non-Weighted Versions Novabraid fast rope design is an improvement over legacy plaited fast ropes (reference MIL-F-44422).