Fast Rope

Available in Weighted or Non-Weighted Versions

Novabraid fast rope design is an improvement over legacy plaited fast ropes (reference MIL-F-44422). The Novabraid fast rope is available in weighted and non-weighted versions. Developed for use on the V22 Osprey the ballasted fast rope performs especially well in high prop wash or turbulent conditions. A lead ballast core surrounded by successive over braids of dissimilar density yarns minimizes the ropes harmonic movement below the aircraft to facilitate insertion onto roof tops or shipboard.

In both weighted and non-weighted versions, an internal Spectra strength component offers lower stretch and improved cut resistance. The camo color twelve strand Multiplex polyester cover is the same 1.75 in diameter as the legacy rope, with improved grip and abrasion resistance. Severing of a Novabraid cover strand will not compromise rope strength. The Novabraid Fast Rope features a stainless steel thimble termination on top and can be FRIES configured with optional Spectra extraction and safety loops. The thimble and polymer covered Spectra eye are designed to accept two standard carabineers for aircraft connection. The eye being smaller than on the legacy design minimizes required rope master reach distance and allows the roper to more safely grip the Novabraid Fast Rope higher up.

In addition to operational testing performed by the U.S. Navy and SOCOM, the Novabraid fast rope design has been subjected to extensive destructive testing by the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research Center. Included were Cordage Institute, Mil Std and ASTM tests for temp. – 40C to + 49C, sandblast, abrasion resistance, salt fog, aviation fuel, deicer, dielectrics, UV exposure, dynamic load, and core – cover separation. Break tests were conducted on all exposed samples with little or no loss in tensile strength. US Patent Pending.

Novabraid fast ropes are individually fabricated, tested and inspected. Encapsulated identification labels with serial numbers are standard. Our camo green and black multiplex cover strands are hard layed for boot sole descent control but can be ordered in a softer lay. Solid black color is also available. Standard 60, 90 and 120 foot or custom lengths are available. Novabraid fast ropes can often be recovered at the factory if the cover strands are damaged. Use of replaceable carabineers eliminates the requirement to retire the rope if legacy welded rings are damaged.

Ref. NSN-4020-20-004-3920. Patent Pending.

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Fast Rope Load to Elongation Graph
Tensile Strength
Min25,500 lb11,566 kg
Avg31,400 lb14,243 kg
Max37,500 lb17,008 kg
Dia1.75 in45 mm
Wgt/ft1.2 lbs.54 kg