Color Coded Rope

Colored Rope Flecks for Easy Identification

Novabraid ropes are available with a very wide range of color codes to identify a brand, a construction, a specific use on board etc. Color codes are usually described as “flecks” if one strand or pic in the braid pattern is colored. If more than one strand is a different color then the term “tracer” might be used. Different cover constructions with 12, 16, 20, 24 32, or 48 standard carrier or bobbin configurations can yield many different patterns or color codes. These color code patterns are created on maypole style braiding machines by loading individual braider bobbins or plies with different color yarns. One half of these bobbins will be traveling clockwise around the braid pattern and rest counter clockwise, usually orienting twisted strands in an S and Z alignment. Longitudinal alignment of the strands yields a more abrasion resistant and stronger rope construction.

Products for this Application:

Novablue - High Performance Double Braided Rope Novablue is our premium double braided polyester rope designed for general marine, industrial, and commercial use where low elongation, high strength, and abrasion resistance are required.
Novagold - Novagold Double Braided Nylon Rope Novabraid's premium double braided nylon rope is designed for general marine, industrial, and commercial use where controlled elongation, high strength, and abrasion resistance are required.
Docklines - Professionally Spliced Docklines Our docklines are professionally spliced with a soft eye and lock stitch on one end and heat seal on the other end.
NovaLite - Versatile and Durable Marine Cordage NovaLite cordage features a double braided construction of multifilament polypropylene in both core and cover.
NovaLite HP
NovaLite HP - High Performance Spectra Rope NovaLite HP is a double braided High Performance floating rope constructed with a multi-filament polypropylene (MFP) cover and a blend of premium UHMWPE and MFP in the core.
Polyspec - Ideal for Demanding Industrial Applications Novabraid's Polyspec is a double braided rope constructed with a 100% polyester cover and a 100% HMPE core.
Nova Shock
Nova Shock - Premium Shock Cord with Outstanding Abrasion Resistance Nova Shock is our premium grade shock cord.
Spectec 12
Spectec 12 - High Strength 100% Spectra™ Fiber Rope Spectec-12 is a hollow braided 12-strand rope using 100% Spectra™ fiber.
Dinghy Braid
Dinghy Braid - Low Stretch and Easy Handling Designed for Dinghy Performance
XLE Performer
XLE Performer - XLE Series Double Braided Rope for Exceptional Performance Novabraid's top of the line extra low elongation, 100% polyester double braided rope.
XLE-Z Feel High Strength Rope
XLE-Z Feel High Strength Rope - Ultimate Versatility in a Double Braid Construction XLE-Z Feel Performer series is an extra low elongation high strength rope featuring a 100% Polyester double braid, similar to our standard XLE, but with a cover constructed from DuPont's Type 77 Dacron, long staple, spun filament yarn.
Trapcord - Made with High Quality Premium Latex Novabraid's trapcord is specifically designed for the demands of the lobster and crab industry.
Mooring Pendants
Mooring Pendants - Mooring pendants are custom fabricated to meet your specific performance requirement.