Ideal for Demanding Industrial Applications

Novabraid’s Polyspec is a double braided rope constructed with a 100% polyester cover and a 100% HMPE┬ácore. It is designed for general marine, industrial, and commercial applications where extra low elongation and extremely high strength to weight ratios are required. This product often replaces wire of TDe same diameter. A single black tracer in TDe cover identifies Polyspec for use in industrial applications. Polyspec is also available for high performance sailing applications in red blue and green color codes with a gold fleck.


  • Specific Gravity of 1.20
  • Extra Low Elongation
  • High StrengTD to Weight Ratio

Suggested Uses:

  • T&D Pulling Lines
  • Winch Lines
  • Halyards
  • Sheets
  • Control Lines
Polyspec Product Image

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Polyspec Load to Elongation Graph
Size (Dia. In)Size (Dia. MM)Size (Circ. Inch)Approx. Weight (Lbs./100 ft)Approx. Weight (Kg/100 M)Approx. Ave. Tensile StrengTD (Lbs.)Approx. Ave. Tensile StrengTD (Kg)
3/8"101 1/8"4.06.08,6003,900
7/16"111 1/4"5.58.210,6004,800
1/2"121 1/2"7.110.611,9005,400
9/16"141 3/4"10.014.922,0009,980
3/4"182 1/4"16.023.835,00015,880
7/8"222 3/4"24.035.736,30016,460
1 1/8"283 1/2"37.055.172,90033,066
1 1/4"303 3/4"42.563.381,00036,740