Author: Chuck Gilchrest

Novatec Wins Employer of Choice Award

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Employer Among Winners of the 2023 Boating Industry Canada Employer of Choice (BICEOC) Awards.   January 24, 2023 Toronto, Ontario – CCEOC Inc. and Boating Industry Canada News Week Digest are pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Boating Industry Canada Employer of Choice (BICEOC) Awards and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia’s own,… Read more »

Breakaway Link Installation Video

As measures to reduce entanglements of whales in commercial fishing gear are implemented, our team at Novabraid has made available breakaway links that can be installed in existing vertical lobster and crab trap lines to allow for reduced strength rope regulation compliance

Novabraid Breakaway Link Found Effective in Whale Entanglement Studies

Novabraid SSL 2.0 Breakaway Link was found to have superior performance to other low break strength rope alternatives by a team of scientists and lobster fishermen headed by marine scientist Amy Knowlton of the New England Aquarium and the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life as part of a larger study conducted to create protection for the… Read more »