Kevlar Braided Ropes

Novabraid Kevlar Braided Ropes are available in three varieties to meet the needs of industrial, recreational, and high performance applications.  KevTec-12 offers the high strength, high temperature characteristics needed for use in industrial, aerospace, and machine operations in an easy to splice, low stretch 12 strand construction.  PolyKev is a double braided construction that adds an abrasion resistant, UV stable 48 carrier polyester cover braided over a 12 strand Kevlar core and is suitable for high strength applications such as Hot Air Balloon control lines, circus ropes, and jobs requiring a moderate level of heat resistance.  PolyKev Plus contains a flame retardant coating applied to the polyester cover which minimizes flame propagation and is suitable for interior constructions such a hanging artwork, rope partitions, and surface coverings requiring high strength and low stretch.

SizeApprox WeightAvg Tensile Strength
Dia. InDia. MMCirc. InchLbs/100'Kg/100mLbs.Kg
3/8”101 1/8”45.96120005455
7/16”111 1/4”57.45150006818
1/2”121 1/2”7.7511.552200010000
3/4”182 1/4”19.328.774900022273
7/8”222 3/4”23.635.186000027273


Kevlar Braided Ropes Product Image

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Kevlar Braided Ropes Load to Elongation Graph