Neptune Nylon Double Braid

Neptune- Novagold’s Colorful Companion is the solid color Nylon Double Braid Rope that is designed for hard work on the boat, in the field, or around the farm.  Made from a balanced core and cover construction, Neptune bridges the gap where controlled elasticity and energy absorbing qualities combine with high strength and good looks.  Made from Nylon-6 Fibers, Neptune is ideal for dock lines and mooring pendants, anchor line and snubbers.  UV stabilized solution dyed yarns keep looking good indoors and outside.  Neptune splices and handles easily.  Great for horse leads, dog leashes, rope handles, and any use where strength and tenacity are required.  Not designed for fall arrest or human rescue applications.

Size Dia. (In)Size Dia. (MM)Circ. (In)Approx. Weight
(Lbs./100 ft)
Approx. Weight
(Kg/100 M)
Approx. Ave. Tensile
Strength (Lbs)
Approx. Ave. Tensile
Strength (Kg)
3/8"101 1/8"3.75.55,0002,270
7/16"111 1/4"5.07.46,5002,951
1/2"121 1/2"6.49.58,0003,632
9/16"141 3/4"8.412.511,8004,994
3/4"182 1/4"16.023.819,0008,626
7/8"222 3/4"21.832.528,00012,712
1 1/8"283 1/2"35.853.345,00020,430
1 1/4"303 3/4"41.061.152,00023,608
1 5/16"324"46.869.759,00026,786
1 1/2"364 1/2"59.889.174,00033,596
1 5/8"405"74.0110.291,50041,541
1 3/4"445 1/2"89.0132.6111,00050,394


  • High Strength-Controlled Elongation
  • Numerous Color Options
  • Nylon 6.0 Yarns
  • Easy to Splice- Class 1 Double Braid
  • UV Stable

Suggested Uses:

  • Dock Lines and Mooring Lines
  • Equestrian Ropes
  • Dog Leashes
  • Anchor Rope and Snubbers
  • Bull Rope for Arborist Use
Neptune Nylon Double Braid Product Image

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Neptune Nylon Double Braid Load to Elongation Graph