Custom Rope Manufacturer - Novabraid

There are a million uses for rope, and each demands the right design.

Our machines don't dictate which ropes we offer. Our customers do. We learn what they need from a rope, and if we don't already manufacture it, we'll engineer a custom product to their performance specification. That's why we say NOVABRAID™ Rope delivers Performance By Design. Not sure which rope is best for your application? Just ask. We stock ropes in a variety of constructions, yarn materials, colors, coatings, lengths and put ups but our specialty is custom-engineered braided product for you or your customer's application.

We're dependable.

You can be confident in every NOVABRAID™ rope you buy. Before leaving our factory, all rope is inspected and date coded. We are committed to delivering consistent quality time after time.

We're knowledgeable.

Our Customer Service Department can help you choose the right braided product. They'll ask how the rope will be used and about the variables affecting its performance. With that information, we'll help you choose the right rope. If it isn't available, we'll engineer the perfect braided rope for you or your customer's application.

We're responsive.

If for any reason your rope fails to perform, give us a call or send us email. NOVABRAID™ customer service will respond within 24 hours. We depend on your satisfaction.

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