Water Rescue Throw Lines

Novabraid’s throw lines are essentially floating ropes that will not absorb water. They’re constructed with a durable twisted multifilament polypropylene (MFP) UV stabilized cover and a parallel strand MFP core, featuring an extra heavy cover ratio for improved durability, light weight, and throw accuracy.

Our safety line is a double braided floating rope featuring an abrasion resistant four ply (MFP) UV stabilized cover over a nylon core. Standard colors are high visibility yellow with a red fleck. An optional Night Bright reflective tracer can be added for improved low light visibility. For maximum visibility specify our Night Bright Xtra 2 fleck in yellow, orange or lime green safety colors.

NovaLite HP is a double braided floating rope constructed with a twisted multi – filament polypropylene (MFP) cover and a blend of Spectra and MFP in the urethane coated core. NovaLite HP is an extremely strong, durable, light weight, and highly visible line. It has excellent handling characteristics and is fully spliceable.


  • All Novabraid water rescue lines are available in a variety of put ups including 600ft wooden reels, 1200ft bulk box, cut lengths, mesh bags and throw bags. Optional Night Bright reflective tracers are available on all water rescue constructions up to 1/2 inch diameter.
Water Rescue Throw Lines Product Image

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Water Rescue Throw Lines Load to Elongation Graph